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Application and Questions to Ask

Write us at manuscriptstomarket @ with the subject line: "A Manuscript to Market for TNE." In the body of the mail please include the following information point by point:

  • Your full name and phone number.
  • Title(s) of your work, and your best guess at the genre.
  • If possible, note any other works you might compare it to.
  • A short synopsis of not more than 300 words. Just tell us what it's about.
  • Your specific goals for your work (commercial, self-published, independent press).
  • Your personal goals (Career author? One novel?).
  • Your bio of not more than 200 words.
  • 500 words of your prose narrative (a sample of your best work).

We will get back to you within five working days.

   All information about your novel is held in strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party unless and until you agree later to the query process and wish to work with us to contact agents and/or publishers regarding your novel.

   Our editorial services fee is $3760.00 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words, and $300.00 for every additional 10,000 words. It includes all three levels of developmental edit, all communications and consults, two editors, and other services as noted on the Editorial Services page.

   Contact us at manuscriptstomarket @ with any questions you may have.

   Due to ethics rules for agents, representation by our particular agent faculty is not an option for clients. However, we will use our resources and network to assist you with finding an agent or publisher should that opportunity arise and all parties concerned are in agreement.


Whether or not you choose to utilize our services, ask yourself the following questions before you spend your hard or not so hard-earned money on any novel editing service:
  • Do you get to review the credentials of the precise person who will be working on your ms?
  • Do the credentials include any real-time experience working in tandem with New York publishing or mid-sized publishers or quality independent presses?
  • Is there a demonstrable track record of commercial or literary publication of any kind associated with past clients of this particular person who will be editing your manuscript?
  • Is the proposed editor person an actual writer of fiction, narrative nonfiction or novels with a track record of any kind? (self-publishing not included)
  • Do the accolades or testimonials about the business appear to include a lot of buzz phrasing rather than pointers to actual contracts?


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