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Please take the time to answer the following questions. We will respond within five working days. If for any reason you cannot use the form below, you may respond by email: manuscriptstomarket @ See more notes below.

"Novel comparables" below refer to any two commercially published books whose premise and/or plot closely resemble yours, or any two that when combined give a reasonable impression of your work, e.g., ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE meets THE GREAT GATSBY. In lieu of a book, a film title may also be chosen, e.g., KINGDOM OF HEAVEN meets WORLD WAR Z. If you can think of only one title, then that will suffice.

First/Last Name:
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Your Primary Goal
Novel comparables (see above)
Working title(s)
A Synopsis of Your Novel - 300 words or less
A Sample of Your Best Prose - 500 words
Tell Us About You and Your Writing Life

NOTE: if your form submission does not complete
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at 1-800-250-8290 or send the application information

Thank you.

   Our editorial services fee is $3760.00 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words, and $300.00 for every additional 10,000 words. It includes all three levels of developmental edit, all communications and consults, two editors, and other services as noted on the Editorial Services page.

   Contact us at manuscriptstomarket @ with any questions you may have.

   Due to ethics rules for agents, representation by our particular agent faculty is not an option for clients. However, we will use our resources and network to assist you with finding an agent or publisher should that opportunity arise and all parties concerned are in agreement.

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